The Doris Humphrey Society
Founders  –  Charles H. Woodford and Stephanie Clemens

The Doris Humphrey Society was established in 1989 in Oak Park, Chicago, the birth place of Doris Humphrey. Its purpose is to serve as a source of information on the choreography and life of Doris Humphrey, and to provide educational programmes such as workshops, seminars and performances.  The Society was instrumental in bringing Ernestine Stodelle to Oak Park on an annual basis for many years. Recent notable achievements include securing major grants to enable the creation of a Labanotation score for Humphrey’s Concerto in A Minor, notated by Jessica Lindberg, and for the staging of Humphrey’ major ensemble work, Passacaglia. The most recent international pedagogy workshop in August 2007 involved some of the leading Humphrey/Weidman/Limon teachers in the USA, including Gail Corbin, Deborah Carr and Jim May.
Doris Humphrey Society

Artistic Directors – Stephanie Clemens and Larry Ippel

The resident performing arts company of the Academy of Movement and Music in Oak Park. Incoprorated in 1983, Momenta broadened its scope in 1988 and began to acquire the rights to perform Humphrey’s work including Water Study, The Call/Breath of Fire and Two Ecstatic Themes recreated by Ernestine Stodelle, The Shakers staged by Gail Corbin and most recently, Passacaglia, directed by Lesley Main. Momenta and The Doris Humphrey Society have collaborated since 1990 to present ten workshops on the technique and repertory of Doris Humphrey.
Momenta Dance

Arke Compagnie D’Arte
Artistic Directors – Matilde Dimarchi and Annagrazia D’Anticho

Arke Compagnie D’Arte is a contemporary dance company based in Turin, Italy, attached to a large and popular dance school. In addition to the year round curriculum, the school has offered intensive master classes in Humphrey, Graham and Horton techniques for many years. Guest teachers include Kim Jones from the Martha Graham Dance Company and Lesley Main from the Doris Humphrey Foundation. In the past few years, the company’s repertory has expanded to include Steps in the Street by Martha Graham and Water Study and Passacaglia by Doris Humphrey, received to great acclaim.

Artistic Directors – Mary Ward and Jo Collins,  Associate Director – Rachel Yates

Chickenshed makes theatre that moves, speaks, loves, breathes. Theatre that relies on each other. A creative process that harnesses the creativity of each individual, that magnifies it, to make theatre that belongs to everyone. Inclusive theatre. “There are two types of people. Those who believe there are two types of people, and those who don’t. At Chickenshed there is only one type of person: everyone.” Find out more about this extraordinary company.

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