Directing the Dance Legacy of Doris Humphrey
Author: Lesley Main
Published: 2012






New Dance: writings on modern dance
Author:  Doris Humphrey
Published: 2008

This collection of essays, lectures and notes, selected by Humphrey’s son, Charles Humphrey Woodford, reveals the inspiration behind the choreography of modern dance founder Doris Humphrey. The fundamentals of composition: form, content and execution are expressed in her own spirited words, providing an intimate look at the creative process. Notes made before and during the making of forty-one of her dances show how she put her choreographic principles and world view into dance, including some of her best-known masterpieces: Water Study, The Shakers, Two Ecstatic Themes, New Dance, With My Red Fires, Passacaglia in C minor, Day on Earth, Night Spell.

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